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Interviewed by the commanding officer

by Pauline Yu — last modified Oct 25, 2010 09:00 AM

The commanding officer of the McMurdo Station Detachment of Joint Task Force – Support Forces Antarctica, Air Force Lt. Col. Ed Vaughn interviewed me for his "Dispatches fom Antarctica" blog. There is great footage of our aquaria and reservoir tanks in Phase III of the Crary Lab. There are brief shots of me and Dr. Mary Sewell, Sr. Lecturer at the University of Auckland, world expert on lipid analysis of larvae, testing some fertilization assay protocols.

The blog post is here:


The military has a long history of collaborating with scientists in Antarctica and in marine science research in general. Without them, we wouldn't have most of the transportation logistics to get ourselves or our cargo here to McMurdo, and back stateside.

Gretchen is giving a science lecture tomorrow night in the Crary Library and it will be an extravaganza of fresh-out-from-under-the-sea-ice data!

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